Many Faults that occur on washing machine's will display common symptoms, and on Digital Machines Will quite often show a fault code on the LED Display panel,if it has one, or it may flash all or some of the lights, and may also Beep a certain number of times, to alert you there is a fault.This may give you an idea of what is wrong with it, and maybe give you an idea of where to start looking to repair it, or to give you the details which will help you if you decide to call an Engineer. 

Listed Below are some of the most common symptoms and causes, and what you should do before calling an Engineer.

1.Machine does Not start

If the washing machine is completely dead and nothing operates, check that the appliance has mains power going to it.

Try Plugging something else in to the socket, i.e Kettle etc.
If the socket is okay the next thing to check is the Fuse in the plug, or if its hard wired,check the socket fuse has not blown.
Do this either by using a continuity test meter to test the fuse, or if you do not have that, you will need to replace the fuse with one you know works, either new or from another working plugtop.These will be 13 Amp Fuses, but always replace like for like.

Should the Fuses/plugtop all check out okay, then there are a few things now which could be the problem, including a wiring fault, Broken wire,Broken Mains Cable or ultimately, it could be the main PCB Board which supplies power to the components of the Appliance.

REMEMBER-Before carrying out any work on anything Electrical, it should always be completely disconnected/unplugged from the mains, or isolated at the main Fuse Board-RCD Trip Switch.

If you are confident and capable of checking the mains cable, and following the wiring round the loom,to the main components, looking for overheated terminals or breaks in the wire, this should be done in a logical and safe manner.

Finally after this the PCB would be the next likely suspect, some Machines could have one main Board at the front,behind the facia panel which controls both power and all the programme functions/options as well, But a majority have two boards, one behind the Facia, and a main Power Board, normally near the bottom of the machine, but again dependent on make,can be in a host of locations.Checking these is not easy, and the only tell tale sign may be burnt or damaged connections/comonents on the board itself.
PCB Boards can be expensive, especially on higher Quality Machines, we can supply the right part numbers/part for your machine when you contact us, if you supply the make, model and serial numbers. 

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