There's Nothing worse than you go to cook the family meal, be it an ordinary evening meal at the end of a working day, or even worse, a special meal for Christmas, Birthday or other special family Occasion. You switch the Electric Cooker switch on and then discover there is a fault with the Cooker!!

We Will explain below How First Call Appliance Repairs can help you find and solve the various problems on your Electric cooker or Built in Oven, regardless of whether it is a Hotpoint, Bosch, Neff, Electrolux, Zanussi, Indesit, AEG or indeed any other brand of cooker needing repaired.

First Things First, There is no power to the cooker/oven at all.

No lights, No noises, No Fan, No Heat and unfortunately for you, No Dinner!!!

The first thing to check is whether the Trip switch(RCD) has tripped due to the cooker shorting out.(in Older properties, it may have an old style Fuse Box, which has seperate fuses, and the cooker fuse will usually be at least 30 or 40 amp)

Remember if checking anything electrical Yourself, always think Safety and more Safety.

If possible always switch off and disconnect anything that can be disconnected to make sure it is safe to check.If you do not feel confident, or do not know how to check for faults or feel it is too complicated then get in touch with First Call Appliance repairs Colchester, or another bona fide Electrical cooker repair company. 

If you find the RCD (or Fuse) has tripped, then the next step is to find out what has caused it.The most common cause of Tripping, is One of the Heating Elements, usually the Fan Oven Element. Try resetting the RCD(Replace the fuse wire in Old style fuse Box) and again switch the cooker on, the cooker will either come on and stay on,blow the trip again or it will remain dead.

If it remains dead you will need to disconnect again at the RCD or Fuse Box, and check the mains cable and its connections at the terminal block,normally at the bottom of the back of the cooker.Looking for either broken wiring which could be touching something, or burnt out wiring/terminals on the block, or even completely melted away. If you find fault here, then the problem can be easily repaired by a competent person who can deal safely and has knowledge of how electric works, If this is not the case, then Call First Call Appliance Repairs Colchester, Or a repair company local to you.